The Rezzie Awards – Winners!


The Rezzies are the only awards dedicated to home, garden, and commercial builds and the components used to build them. The Rezzie Awards were organized by Fallacy DeCuir, and nominations and voting were audited by Fallacy DeCuir, DeAnn Dufaux and Kat Alderson.  The 2014 Home and Garden staff withdrew and were excluded from the final voting ballot. (See details below.)

Nominations opened to the public on September 6th and closed on September 12th. Voting, also open to the public, in 44 categories commenced on the 14th and closed September 27th.

The only award not open for nominations or voting were the three SLifetime Achievement Awards, all of which are staff picks. Our selections were based on their longevity, pristine personal reputations, excellent customer service, friendliness, as well as their contributions and commitment to the community above their own personal interests.

The votes are in and have been tallied in the first ever Rezzie Awards.

Best Natural Formations:
Studio Skye

Best Trees:
Heart Gardens

Best Grass/Fields:
Happy Mood

Best Flowers/Plants:
Arctic Greenhouse

Best Outdoor Furniture:
What Next

Best Outdoor Decor:
Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Best Living Rooms:
LISP Bazaar

Best Dining Rooms:
La Galleria

Best Kitchens:
La Galleria

Best Bathrooms:
LAQ Decor

Best Bedrooms (PG):
Cheeky Pea

Best Bedrooms (Adult):
Apple Fall

Best Multi-Purpose Furniture:
Potomac Signature Homes

Best Decor:
The Loft

Best Prefab Mansions/Castles:
Studio Skye

Best Prefab Homes/Cottages:
Thistle Homes

Best Commercial Prefabs:

Best Skyboxes:
Bad Katz

Best Fantasy/Roleplay Builds/Furniture:

Best Gothic Builds/Furniture:
House of Avro

Best Urban Builds/Furniture:
Trompe Loeil

Best Historic Builds/Furniture:

Best Modern/Contemporary Furniture:

Best Children’s Builds/Furniture:
Cozy Essentials

Best School:
Builders Brewery

Favorite Building Teacher:
Garvie Garzo

Favorite Mesh Teacher:
Garvie Garzo

Best Merchant Supplies:

Best Scripts for Builders:
ArtiZan Creative Solutions

Best Full Perm Single Animations:
[RNP] Animations

Best Full Perm Couple Animations:
Bits and Bobs Animations

Best Full Perm Organic Textures:
Studio Skye

Best Full Perm Structure Textures:
E&D Engineering

Best Full Perm Fabric/Upholstery Textures:
Texture Me True

Best Full Perm Wood Textures:
inSight Designs

Best Full Perm Genre Textures:

Best Full Perm Landscaping Meshes:
T-Spot Home & Garden

Best Full Perm Building Component Meshes:
3D Republic

Best Full Perm Outdoor Furniture Meshes:

Best Full Perm Indoor Furniture Meshes:
Mesh Nation

Best Full Perm Kitchen Meshes:
Treasured Cove

Best Full Perm Decor Meshes:
Resplendent Rose

Best Full Perm Prefab Home Meshes:
Treasured Cove

Best Full Perm Prefab Skybox Meshes:
Treasured Cove

SLifetime Achievement Awards:
Robin Sojourner, R(S)W
Robert Galland, Galland Homes
Happyholly Grigges, Fairy Unique Designs

Each winner will receive an exclusive trophy, designed by Reven Rosca of Meshopotamia. Congratulations to all of the nominees, and kudos to all of the winners!  Thanks for making SL such a wonderful world!

Congrtaulations to Home and Garden Expo staff on their nominations:
Park Place Home Decor (DeAnn Dufaux), nominated in five categories.
Tool Shed, (Fallacy DeCuir), nominated in four categories.
Clutter for Builders (Kat Alderson), nominated in four categories.
Meshopotamia (Reven Rosca), nominated in four categories.
Black Tulip (Auryn Beorn), nominated in two categories.


Galland Homes, Little Branch, and Clutter for Builders

Come Home to Luxury:  Galland Homes – The Naples

New Release at HGE - Special Event Price: $2145

New Release at HGE – Special Event Price: $2145

The newest release by Robert Galland of Galland Homes (Home Expo 6 Platinum sponsor) is available at a special event pricing now through September 28th, at Home and Garden Expo.  The Naples is a luxurious, 100% mesh, Mediterranean-style decorator’s dream, with spacious rooms, rich colors and details, comfortable ceilings, and elegant touches.

As the flyer (click to see a larger image) suggests, there is a wrap around lanais, and a highly detailed den, in addition to the two bedrooms and principles room.  The main entrance is nestled in an inviting recess, and an additional, double door entrance opens onto the lanais.


The lanais, sheltered by a full balcony, is perfect for an outdoor oven and your favorite dining set.  The master bedroom has two double door entrances to the balcony, and the secondary bedroom also opens onto it.

Whether you choose to live your SLife in quiet solitude, or have a family to accommodate, The Naples, with its modest 25×33 footprint, and amazingly low 191 land impact, was built to meet your needs.

Despite an insane first life schedule, Robert, always a paragon of professionalism, was determined to have this house out during Home Expo.  We’re so happy he was able to get it done, and you will be, too! Take a tour of the house on Home Expo 6!  While you’re there, make sure to check out the Galland Home donation items.

Little Branch

Every landscaping enthusiast is familiar with this simple truth:  You can never have too many trees.  Cari McKeenan, owner of Little Branch, realizes this, too! A first time HGE Exhibitor, Cari joined the fun after the event started, but was able to get out two donation items we are sure you’ll love.

100% donation - L$99

100% donation – L$99

The Blackgum with falling leaves is total win for autumn, 100% mesh, and just 8 land impact at approximately 11.7 meters tall.

100% donation - L$99

100% donation – L$99

The Fraserwinter1 is a 100% mesh, snow-covered evergreen, and at 4 land impact at about 6.5 meters tall, it’s modest enough for you to dupe out all over your yard this winter!

You can find the Little Branch display on Home Expo P.

Clutter for Builders

Kat Alderson has no excuse for not getting her donation items into the shopping guide team by deadline.  However, there are three new items available, at promotional event pricing and 100% donation.  All three items are full perm, but a user license applies and is available at the point of purchase:

100% donation L$200 (retail value L$480)

100% donation L$200 (retail value L$480)

100% donation L$100 (retail value L$250)

100% donation L$100 (retail value L$250)

Available here!

100% donation L$150 (retail value L$360)

100% donation L$150 (retail value L$360)

Available here!

Hurry and collect all 6 late entries.  The last day for the 2014 Home and Garden Expo is Sunday, September 28th!

Sponsor Interview: Apple Fall of Apple Fall

HGE: We thank you so much for becoming a sponsor of the Home & Garden Expo (HGE). What led to your decision to be a sponsor this year?

Apple: It’s something that I always do in any event if I have the chance. For the Arcade and other events, likewise; I feel myself that to be in such an event which helps me build my brand, sponsoring is just a small way in which I can help the event managers out. Having 3 sims, I know it isn’t cheap, so I understand the struggle with that.

HGE: Are there things that you are most looking forward to at HGE this year?

Apple: With it being my first round, I’m looking forward to participating! I’ve visited in the past and it’s always a joy to see the beautiful displays people put on. It’s a good place for me personally to see work and other specialisms in SL that I wouldn’t go out to see on a regular day.

HGE: We would love to know about your work! Do you have any background in your First Life that suggested you would focus on the areas of design you have chosen for SL?

Apple: It’s something I grew up with for sure. My father, in his younger days, was a watercolour artist and my mother did a lot of pencil work. My grandparents also, specifically my late grandfather, was heavily into art. I think it’s definitely in my blood. As for pursuing it, I really can’t do anything else. I used to work at a chartered accountants, ‘pencil pushing’ so to speak, but it did not feel like me. I knew that I had to be doing something creative. So art, it’s something I have enjoyed and studied for a long time. I love to draw and ‘go back to the basics’ with art sometimes; just to go out and draw what I see. Other times I come here and mesh. For me, meshing isn’t work; it’s an artistic process in itself. I love to surround myself with creative things and creative people; I’m an avid collector in real life of magazines (I have probably too many), books, and teapots/teasets.

I draw inspiration from everywhere. With SL especially the market is so fluid, there are new stores popping up every so often and it’s hard to keep up! Everybody has amazing talent and it’s great to be around, and it also inspires me to try harder with my own work, not only to keep up, but to make Second Life a more visually beautiful place. I strive for realism. I’m very meticulous in my creative process, and while some have come to me and said what a hindrance it must be, as I slave over tiny details, to me it is very therapeutic and it completely pays off in the end. I’m rarely inspired by any particular artist, more an era, a period of time, and I love capturing in my 2d work as well as my 3d work a moment in time; a feeling, an emotion. I’m personally a huge fan of Picasso’s early work, the detail in his pencil work is astounding, and it’s not something many would associate with Picasso (more the abstract) but there’s definitely something there in his early work also which is completely admirable.

Being an artist… it’s the way I think, the way I see the world and the way I work. If I wasn’t an artist, it would be something mathematical. It was my logical route and there comes a time in life, especially for a creative job, where you have to look realistically at where you want to be. It’s unfortunate in the way it works but more often than not an artist (a painter) will have a hard time making money; history has shown itself many times to overlook an artist until years after his/her death. Van Gogh is a very prime example of that. So there is always maths to fall back on for me and I think that’s where I would be if I hadn’t pursued art.

HGE: What were the origins of your store?

Apple: It started as a joint venture between me and a friend who I worked with at the time on the Sims 3 DLC. We both joined to create for the game specifically, and my friend, Ana, had heard that at the time we joined, mesh was being implemented into Second Life, so it just felt like the right time and place.

She owns a store in SL called estatica, although she has other things going on also so she doesn’t spend much time working here.

HGE: Do you keep up with the latest technologies? Which do you consider most important and why? Do what extent have technological advances impacted your work, e.g. creative process, workflow, etc.?

Apple: I usually have a pretty good idea what the final product will look like; what does evolve is the set in general. The larger picture tends to unfold as i go; I’ll make a chair and then what I originally had paired up with the chair will no longer match, so I’ll put it aside and make something else. I end up with a bunch of unused meshes but they then implement unexpectedly into future sets perfectly.

In terms of technicality, creating for the Sims 2 and Second Life are very similar processes. It’s your regular process of creating a mesh and texturing it. With the Sims 3, the process changed a lot with the create-a-style tool, where we had to create many different textures for one mesh; a multiplier (shadow layer), a mask (to determine where each pattern would go) and then your regular speculars and normal maps etc. I didn’t enjoy this much, although I loved the CAST tool in the Sims 3, I felt that you couldn’t achieve the detail that you can with say baking textures and such like we do here in SL. This was where I started to phase out of the Sims, the method of content creation was highly unconventional and not something that I particularly enjoyed. Another huge advantage of creating for SL over the Sims 3 is the direct interaction you have with your customers. Here they can approach me, tp me and I can see my creations in real-time in this world. On the Sims 3 while sure, it was nice to see screenshots of your creations being used, it isn’t the same as actually walking amongst them. And with the Sims was just a download interface; a website. So there was very little communication and interaction between me and the customer.

HGE: What have you considered key to your success as a business person in SL?

Apple: I get people from all walks of life contacting me, from families, guys, girls, people owning clubs and other store owners. My customer base is very wide.

HGE: So many of us dream about having a business in SL but it’s harder than it looks! What are some of the things you would recommend to a talented individual who is considering embarking on starting a business?

Apple: Just keep at it. Now more than ever it’s easy to get your brand known. Back in 2011 when I joined and events culture wasn’t so big it was hard to get your brand in the public eye. But with events such as the Home and Garden Expo, Arcade, collabor88, etc, if you are good at what you do, you’re accepted into these events in time and you’re right in the spotlight. It’s really great how the social scene for stores has developed as opposed to being secluded mainstores on various different sims being the only way to shop.

HGE: We would love to know more about you, ie, where you live, what do you do for fun in SL, etc. Anything you would like to say or share!

Apple: I really don’t spend any time in SL that isn’t creating. I love SL but I love RL, too. Anytime I have that isn’t spent creating I am immediately into RL spending time with my husband or going to watch a movie or something. We like to get away on day trips a lot, too. I love traveling and taking photos, mostly of textures for my work, and of architecture. It’s always good to have the references for work. It all builds towards that realism. A few of our favourite areas close to where we live are Bakewell and Whitby. Both very different in terms of what to do; Bakewell is a rural country village with lots of walking and little tea rooms.

There’s this really nice little tea shop in Whitby that sells all sorts of unique infusions. I love to brew my tea the original way; loose leaf in a teapot with a strainer. It really gets the true flavour over a teabag. At the moment I’ve been drinking mango tea and summer fruits tea which is red berries, really sweet in itself; doesnt need sugar or milk. Fauchon is also another favourite tea brand of mine. I recently purchased choclate eclair tea so i’m looking forward to trying that.

Whitby is a coastal town and I love to take the boat out to the sea (on a nice day) and just enjoy the clean air. And they’re both only around an hour or two drive from here. I’m definitely privileged to live so close to beautiful areas.